Reciting statistics about Amazon’s latest round of hires or how many sneakers were sold online this month in Australia is redundant. We’ve all read the stories. We all know what’s happening. E-commerce is finally coming into its own. But as brick-and-mortar brands struggle to play catch-up and digital agencies brace themselves for an onslaught of new, high-maintenance clients, it’s important to remember: Budgets will be tighter, and they’ll need to stretch further.

The pot of gold at the end of the digital rainbow is the ultimate prize. The question on everyone’s lips: How do you get there on fewer dollars, faster than your competitors?

Here are seven ways your brand could be making more from its digital dollar.

1. Multiply Your Message

The old way of developing brand messaging involved crafting messaging pillars based on customer audiences defined by demography and psychographics, and then building value propositions and unique selling propositions (USPs) grounded in that data. The new way of crafting value propositions adds another layer of refinement to brand messaging, including where the value proposition is viewed and what online experience or content your brand is offering.

It stands to reason that the engagement type of a Facebook user is entirely different from that of a YouTube viewer, even if it’s the same person. What’s the point? It personalizes advertising content. By crafting USPs with utmost precision and tailoring your message for each digital touchpoint, you’re significantly improving your brand’s chances of being relevant and prompting engagement.