It’s 2021! It may be a new year but 2021 is still feeling the repercussions from 2020. Yes, we are talking about Covid-19. If you’re looking to start dropshipping this year (or you already have a dropshipping business), you’re probably wondering, “Is dropshipping dead because of Covid-19?”

Research shows that consumers all over the world are online shopping more now than ever before. Dropshippers can benefit from this increase in online shopping with the right approach, products, and marketing. Forbes says, “Being customer-focused means nothing if you cannot implement it practically or build a store that is unique and provides as much value as possible to the customer. But before we get into that, you need to understand the theory behind drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is a business that has been around for decades. It does not require you to have a product in-house; instead, you ship a product to a customer for a fee. Almost anyone can do this, but what most people fail to discuss, and what can lead to the assumption that the industry is saturated, is the marketing and advertising element.

So, how can your dropshipping business survive during and after Covid-19?

Stay educated. You should be up-to-date on policy changes, world events, changes in customer needs, and overall world (market) demand. When Covid-19 started, there was a large demand for things like sanitizers, cleaning products, food storage, home renovation tools, and at home activities to keep busy. If your target market is still engrossed in the pandemic, it’ll be beneficial to continue to sell the things that your market needs and wants most. It’s also important to start thinking about what people will want after the pandemic is over. What will people want to purchase? If you’re changing your products, your ideal market might also change. And that’s okay! This could actually help you increase your sales.

The marketing company Influence Central did an online survey of 700 people and found that consumers appreciate companies that have focused on customers’ needs during the pandemic. The survey also revealed that customers liked businesses that understood their needs and provided necessary products and services. They also appreciated when businesses made changes to their company in order to help customers during these unsettling times. How are you going to adapt your business, your products, and your policies to encourage customers to purchase from you? This is the perfect time to build like, know, and trust with your current and potential customers.

Once you have your products selected and your ideal audience sorted, you need to make sure that you’re marketing your products accordingly. Some ways that you can market your products is through email marketing campaigns, social media advertisements, influencer marketing, and so much more.

The most successful dropshippers look at supply and demand and decide where they can add value to the market. Dropshipping isn’t a business where you can just “get rich quick!” It’s like any other business that takes time, money, talent, knowledge, practice, and patience. If you’re willing to dedicate all of this and more to your dropshipping business, you’re more likely to succeed.

As long as you keep putting in the work, the time, and the effort to retain and build your dropshipping business (and selecting your products according to the world as it is today), your dropshipping business won’t be dead!