Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Marketing helps to boost sales but you have to have and use the right strategy. One of Walmart’s key strengths is its marketing mix. Walmart is the world’s largest retail company and is a publicly-traded family business. Our marketing strategy experts will help you increase the sales of your product by providing SEO friendly and informative content which will make your listing more scannable and reach a wide spectrum of buyers. We use Facebook ads as one way to market your products to the right audience. You can also use Walmart’s ads which we discuss more below. One important aspect of marketing your product, is deciding if you’d like to high value, low volume or low value, high volume. Walmart has decided to offer “customer-friendly prices and focus on bulk sales to maximize sales rather than overpricing products,” (Corporate Finance Institute). Repricer says, “If you’re at all familiar with Amazon’s Buy Box, you know that price is a big factor, but not necessarily the most important one. That’s totally different with Walmart Marketplace, as having the lowest price puts you in the best position to win a Buy Box.” One way that you can stand out on Walmart and improve your sales through marketing, is by offering products that are sold out in other places. When people search for such products but come to find that they are sold out, they will see that you are one of the only ones that has that product (or something similar) in stock. You can use SEO specific titles and content to help your listings become seen on and off of Walmart marketplace. Some of the most important roles of marketing in order to make a product successful includes: Meeting the consumers wants and needs Satisfying customers beyond their expectations Designing and managing product offerings Management of demand Social responsibilities Once your product is chosen and your Walmart Marketplace account has been approved, we can begin marketing your products on Walmart so that we can achieve everything listed above. There are four types of Walmart ads including: Walmart performance ads, native banner ads, catapult ads, and site search feature ads. Our team will help you decide which of these types of ads best suit your brand and product and will continue to monitor your Walmart marketing strategy on a regular basis. With this approach, we can continue to optimize your ads to best suit your business and it’s consumers. Are you looking to market your products on Walmart’s marketplace? We would love to help you get started today!