Seeing business opportunities, growth and strengthening in the midst of changing and critical times worldwide is what differentiates the mentality of an entrepreneur from the rest of the people. It is precisely this aspect that distinguishes Harley Cannard and Cory Hill, co-founders of the company Amz Automation Australia, and true visionaries in terms of the accelerated and effective growth of a brand.

The ability and capacity for innovation of these entrepreneurs are what has made their business stand out as an alternative that offers experienced brands, luxury hotel, large travel companies, nationwide caravan industry, celebrities and public figures to increase their positioning in the digital environment, some of their clients are luxury hotel brands and some of the largest travel companies globally. This translates into the optimization of income and digital strategies to reduce costs, allowing them to have higher profits.

Although the e-commerce boom has been in constant progress during the last few years, it has been more recent episodes that have given it its greatest value. The arrival of the COVID-19 and the obligation of most people around the world to stay at home, has led companies in different sectors to seek remote strategies to stay afloat. Cannard and Hill are currently working on a nationwide giveback project to help revive the Australian travel and tourism industry to a sector that has been smashed by the coronavirus.

Combining the diversity of their knowledge, leadership, effort and experiences that have earned them different learning in the e-commerce environment, Hill and Cannard, have managed to interrupt the e-commerce industry to offer the best alternative for those who want to make a name for themselves in the digital platforms.

Challenging growth
Opportunities for Hill and Cannard didn’t fall from the sky. They both had to go through a road of challenges to get where they are today. In Hill’s case, giving up his job stability and everything he knows to pursue his dream has been one of the biggest challenges he’s ever faced.

While the Cannard journey was marked by the work, effort and conviction that accompanied him since his childhood when he sold lemonade to earn a few dollars at the age of 5. Going through problems in his youth and strong experiences.

Each of these challenges, however, made them both more focused on achieving their purpose. By focusing on e-commerce they have been able to take advantage of each stage of their growth to provide their global client list with strategic advice to increase their positioning and efficiency on digital platforms.

In just 12 months, they have grown their business to great levels. From a central office, the concept of this company was transferred to a global agency covering two continents. In which a group of more than 20 experts, provide their services to an increasing number of brands.

Strategic vision
For these young e-commerce experts, opportunities such as COVID-19 offer a wide range of growth possibilities for any company. It is precisely this thought that has allowed them in the middle of this process, to increase their work.

For both of them, the process of transition of companies to the digital environment is inevitable. And it is required to offer reliable ways to bring these businesses to the online world in a rapid and effective expansion, thus exceeding their growth limits.

The right team
Hill and Cannard stress that a solid business plan requires one essential element: the right team. They say that while there is a purpose at the outset, working from scratch with the right team will help generate greater stability in the steps that are taken in pursuit of a goal or objective. And in turn, it will contribute to the growth of the company in a more remarkable way.

Resist in adversity
Success is not something that is achieved simply, much less quickly. One example of this is the path that both Hill and Cannard have had to take to get to where they are today. And yet, with experience, the challenges remain.

Aspects such as the pandemic have led them to have to reinvest. It has taught them to be more resilient and initiate plans to get results, even in the midst of difficulty. It is the proper management of these elements that has allowed them to continue.

Today, their team is remotely managed with operations in Asia, Pakistan, India, the UK, the US and Australia. All this without affecting their development and performance. Their intention is to improve more and more and grow as a team.

They have created an outsourcing office, from where they offer comfort and convenience to their workers, in order to demonstrate that they are all one. As part of their purpose to capitalize, grow and ensure the safety of their team in the future.